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Monte 'Peter Bendler'
Lexus - Extraordinary
Ice Dew- 70%
Dulux - Colour Love Story

Who are we?


WILDCARD PRODUCTIONS is a London based production company focused on creative and production solutions for all advertising, marketing and content needs. JJ’s insider understanding of the ever-expanding global roster of Freelance Directors and Richard’s decades of experience in production combine to make WILDCARD a company that delivers a bespoke curated service in a fast-evolving digital world.

Whether it needs conceptualising or realising, chuck in a WILDCARD.

Richard Fenton produces. Be it shooting 80 commercials in 18 days for Argos, live satellite broadcast with over 60 multi format cameras in 5 cities simultaneously, making beer look good on a volcanic archipelago 350 kilometres off Brazil or washing powder in Black Island!  Richard has solved it all. He is also AdGreen trained, focussing on production having a smaller carbon footprint where possible. Info on link below. 

AdGreen website

JJ Keith has been a managing partner of FoxDevil Films GmbH for the last 8 years, with offices in both Berlin and Hamburg. Predominantly a comedy director with heavy post experience, he has worked on brands such as BMW, Gillette and Guinness. Oh yes and he’s Oscar nominated. JJ can find the perfect creative solution to any concept or script.

JJ's Work